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Se-Kan spices in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh is a proud manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Indian spices. One among the leading names in Spices exporters in kangra, we set the benchmark for quality and efficiency in the spices business. Spices in India, being a specialty, we are able to provide with 100% natural whole, ground and blended spices. So if anybody is looking out for best quality spices in Himachal Pradesh, then Evergreen Exports Se-Kan spices is the ultimate choice! Se-Kan Spices is well known for wide range of Indian spices which are highly rich in taste and authenticity. Se-Kan is specialized in herbal Tea Masala-Tulsi Plus that helps reducing stress and anxiety. You can also find variety of spices with us which are original in taste and also the ones which have medicinal properties.

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Se-Kan Spices

Our Products

Kangri Dhaam Spices, Se-Kan Spices

Kangri Dhaam Spices

Traditional Kangri Dham spices by the only manufacturers of Kangra region.

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Herbal Tea Tulsi Plus, Se-Kan Spices

Herbal Tea Masala Tulsi Plus

An original product manufactured and tested in 1948.

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Indian Spices, Se-Kan Spices

Indian Spices

Authentic, pure and rich in taste Indian spices

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Mission Statement

To serve the mankind with natural & pure spices and
We Never Compromise With The Quality.

Quality Assurance

We speak the language of truth

Se-Kan Spices is dedicated to provide purest and top quality products. Therefore, our highly experienced staff maintains continuous and strict checks on quality at every stage of production, including the purchase of spices, storage, processing, and distribution, to ensure a consistent product that provides our customers full satisfaction.

At Se-Kan Spices, quality is a way of life. Quality consciousness is ingrained in our work culture and business operations. We strive for mission not for money.

Specialty (Kangri Dham Spices)

We are having complete range of KANGRI DHAM SPICES (अलग- अलग पिसे हुए) 100% guaranteed pure like home made masale without any additive/chemical. Packing (10g to 1kg) single spices powder like – Badi Elachi(black Cardamom), Kali Mirch (Black Peppercorn), Laung (Clove), Dalchini (Cinnamon), Sunth (Ginger), Jaiphal (Nutmeg), Javitri (Mace), Maghan (Indian long pepper), Rai (ohri) (Brown Mustered seed), Chhoti Elachi (Green Cardamom), Dhania (Coriander seed), Jeera (Cumin seed), Haldi (Turmaric), Kangra Desi Amchoor (Raw Mango Powder), Akhrot Powder (स्याही) (Burned walnut powder) etc.

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Authentic And Pure

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